Pittsburgh Emo Night

Next Event: July 5 – Pop Punk Night – The Smiling Moose

A captivating Emo Night 'BLOG' banner featuring a cartoon penguin dressed in a punk leather jacket, positioned against a red neon backdrop with names of renowned emo and punk bands such as AFI, The Used, and Dashboard Confessional. The prominent 'BLOG' text in a bold yellow bar suggests a space for updates and discussions about emo music culture and events.


Pittsburgh Concert Venues we miss - Altar Bar.

6 Pittsburgh Concert Venues We Miss (and 2 We Don’t)

A whimsical digital artwork featuring a moose and a penguin styled as punk rockers, standing confidently side by side. The moose, smiling broadly, sports majestic antlers and a detailed black leather jacket adorned with studs, patches, and music-themed pendants. The penguin, with a distinctive black and white pattern, echoes the punk theme with a similar leather jacket and a heart-shaped patch. Both characters embody the rebellious spirit of punk culture, symbolizing the resilience and innovation of the Smiling Moose venue, which transformed to thrive amidst challenges.

The Smiling Moose is Back!

The Smiling Moose has had some hard times... but it looks like it's turning around.

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