Pittsburgh Emo Night

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Prominent Emo Night 'RULES' image, featuring a stern-looking cartoon penguin dressed in edgy punk attire, anchoring the center of a multicolored neon-lit background with names of famed emo and punk bands like AFI, The Used, and Dashboard Confessional. The word 'RULES' stretches across a yellow banner, suggesting guidelines or policies for the event, set against a backdrop that captures the essence of the emo music scene.

Rules & Guidelines

A note from our team

Our mission at Pittsburgh Emo Night is to foster a safe, inclusive, and diverse community where people from all walks of life can come together to enjoy and celebrate their shared interests. We are dedicated to maintaining a respectful and enjoyable environment for everyone, ensuring that every experience is positive and memorable. We believe in the strength of community, the importance of looking out for one another, and the value of every individual’s right to have a good time without fear of harm or harassment. We unequivocally support LGBTQ+ rights and unrestricted gender expression.

Emo Night Code of conduct

This code of conduct is designed to keep everyone feeling safe and welcomed. The rules below are not only for our events, but also extend to our online spaces. Be respectful of everyone and have a good time!

I. Prohibited Behaviors:

  • Sexual Harassment: We enforce a zero-tolerance policy towards sexual harassment, inappropriate comments, and unwelcome advances. Consent is fundamental, and respect for personal boundaries is mandatory. We expect all interactions to be respectful and consensual.
  • Harassment: Bullying, intimidation, and stalking are prohibited. Our community is a no-harassment zone, and we are committed to providing a space free from these harmful behaviors.
  • Fighting and Aggression: Physical violence and verbal aggression have no place in our events. We promote peaceful and positive interactions.
  • Theft and Vandalism: Personal and venue property must be respected at all times. Theft and deliberate damage will result in immediate consequences.


II. Respect for Venues:

  • Venue Policies: Abide by all venue rules, including age restrictions, designated areas for alcohol consumption, and non-smoking zones.
  • Property Care: Treat the venue with the utmost respect, avoiding any damage to property.
  • Cooperation with Staff: Staff are the arbiters of safety; their instructions are to be followed without question.


III. Community Responsibility:

  • Active Participation: Each member is an integral part of the community and is expected to contribute to a positive environment.
  • Accountability: Members should take responsibility for their actions and be mindful of their impact on others.
  • Caring for Each Other: We encourage members to look out for one another, ensuring everyone’s safety and well-being.


IV. Enforcement:

  • Consistency: Rules will be enforced uniformly, ensuring fairness and clarity.
  • Immediate Response: Our staff is trained to respond swiftly and effectively to any incidents or concerns that arise.
  • Supportive Approach: We are committed to supporting those affected by any misconduct, including providing a space for their voices to be heard in the resolution process.


V. Moshpit Etiquette:

  • Mutual Care: Safety is our priority; we expect participants to help each other and avoid harmful behaviors.
  • Non-Violent Participation: Moshing should be fun and safe, without violent actions such as punching or kicking.
  • Voluntary Involvement: Participation in the moshpit is entirely voluntary; respect those who choose not to join.
  • Awareness of Space: Recognize and maintain the boundaries of the moshpit, and respect the ‘barrier’ crowd who work to contain it.


VI. Crowd Surfing Etiquette:

  • Staff Coordination: Crowd surfing should only be facilitated by staff members to ensure safety and coordination.
  • Collective Support: A larger number of participants reduces the risk and ensures that the weight is evenly distributed.
  • Appropriate Behavior: Physical contact should be respectful, with open palms and avoiding private areas.
  • Orderly Conduct: Participants should follow the staff’s guidance on when and how to crowd surf safely.


VII. Safe Reporting System:

  • Confidential Reporting: We provide a confidential reporting system for any concerns or violations that may occur.
  • Support for Victims: Comprehensive support is available for anyone who experiences harassment or assault, including guidance and assistance in dealing with the aftermath.


VIII. Moderation Policy:

  • Transparency: The moderation policy is transparent; actions taken will be communicated clearly.
  • Tiered Consequences: Consequences for rule violations will follow a structured system, escalating with the severity of the behavior.
  • Appeals Process: Members have the right to appeal decisions, ensuring a fair and just process.

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